Instagram | A Photographers Dream

Instagram. Perhaps the best thing ever invented since sliced bread. Like foreals.

If you haven’t heard of instagram yet, you’ve obviously been hiding under a rock. Just sayin’. It’s basically like Twitter except fully devoted to pictures. You can follow people, personalize your own news feed, comment and like others pictures. The more people you follow, the more interesting it will be (my username is: nay_nay84)

For me it’s a challenge because I love to get creative with my iPhone photos. With the help of other mobile editing apps, I can play around and create a unique and creative photo every time. My new favorite editing apps are vscocam, followed by tadaa and idarkroom. These 3 apps are the ones that I use on a daily basis.

I’ve posted some of my recent photos below, but first I would like to wish my babies a happy 5 week birthday!! Yay!!! Again time flies.

Hope you all have a great week!



About reneehicks

child of god, mom to twins & iPhone junkie who is obsessed with bad television, good food, sports & talking smack while engaging in all three! -- Life Is Great!

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