Part Two: The Birth Story | Picture Edition

Happy two weeks to my babies! It’s been a great two weeks at that!

The hubby is back at work today and I get to figure out this twin thing on my own. YIKES! BUT I know that with lots of prayer, I can do this.

I’m finally getting to my camera to be able to upload some of the pictures from the twins birth. My mom was able to capture the birth beautifully and I am happy to share the pictures with you guys. It’s the best moment in my life and I’m happy that I have it documented.

Looking back at these pictures brings me so much joy. I had the best delivery one could ask for. I mean can’t you tell? Who looks this happy when giving birth? LOL

No need for me to say any more. The pictures pretty much tell the story for you!

Just after I got my epidural. Can’t you tell? lol

Our last moments together as “two”

My other support system: My mom!

Getting ready for surgery in the OR!

But before we went to the OR, I began pushing in labor and delivery. How happy do I look? Thanks epidural!

And on 4.2.12 at 5:17a.m. my baby girl was born. Ms. Tenley Noelle.

A whopping 4lb 10oz. She was so tiny (and still is).

And arriving 37 minutes later at 5:54a.m was our son, Tatum Gray!

My big boy weighing 6lbs even.

Here is daddy holding his baby girl for the first time! #proudpapa

And Tenley with her Nona!

The best doctor a girl could ask for. Doctor Williams!

This is me holding Tenley for the first time. Please excuse the bed hair πŸ™‚

Our first family photo πŸ™‚




Probably one of my most favorite pictures to date!

Big boy Tate

I love this picture of Tatum πŸ˜‰

Tenley looks like a little elf here hehe





Hope you enjoyed the pictures of my bundles of joy. There is no sweeter feeling in life than parenthood!


About reneehicks

child of god, mom to twins & iPhone junkie who is obsessed with bad television, good food, sports & talking smack while engaging in all three! -- Life Is Great!


  1. Congratulations. I’m so happy for you. Babies are gifts from heaven.

  2. Congratulations!! You are blessed to be able to have beautiful babies! ^_^ Congrats!

  3. Von

    Congratulations! Now make sure you sleep when they do.

  4. Margie

    Life is wonderful congratulations to you both,A little ray of sun from heaven….

  5. Lisa

    Renee and Walt, these pictures bring tears to my eyes. What a precious gift from the Lord and they look just like a little Renee and a little, I mean Big Walt!! I know you have to be so happy and so full of love that you are about to Burst. Now you know what your mama has been feeling all these years and now she gets to have double that love with your babies. I love you so much and so happy for you!! Mama Lisa

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