iPhoto Dump: March Madness

It’s s lazy Sunday around here. Hanging out at my moms house watching some March Madness, while she works on her garden and the hubby is tending to some Jerk Chicken on the grill.

Many of you may follow me on Twitter and Instagram and know that I post a lot of mobile pics on a daily basis. Mobile pics are probably one of my most favorite things to do. I decided to do what’s called a photo dump for those of you who do not follow me on these various social media websites and apps. No sense in letting good photos go to waste!! 🙂

This is me at 35 weeks
On cloud nine

Belly shot at 35 weeks
The bump (34.5 weeks)

The hubster on our weekly date night (Olive Garden)
@mr_8107 -- he's excited about date night! Can't you tell? Lol

Minestrone Soup from the OG
Minestrone soup

Still a kid at heart: Funfetti Pancakes
Breakfast anyone???

The final product
I love teleworking for this reason alone

My favorite snack as of late:
Snack time!!!

Testing out the babies pacifiers to make sure they work 😉
That's how we roll lol @mr_8107

Pregnant Silhouette
My pregnant silhouette  :)

Made my first trip tio FLiP Burger yesterday….all I can say is OMG!!
So excited to try this place!!
Krispy Kreme Milkshake
Krispy Kreme shake!! Yummy!!
RBQ Burger: Burger with pulled pork and coleslaw, side of sweet potato tots
Rbq burger with sweet potato tots!!
And I’m still craving these today: Fried Pickles with Buttermilk Ranch (and yes they are 100x better than Zaxby’s)
Fried pickles. OMG!!

And we’ll finish with a St. Patrick’s Day Sunset
Sunset on St. Patrick's Day

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Less than three weeks left until we meet the babies. Car seats are in their proper places and hospital bags are in the truck. I can’t believe pregnancy is almost over for me. Bittersweet.


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child of god, mom to twins & iPhone junkie who is obsessed with bad television, good food, sports & talking smack while engaging in all three! -- Life Is Great! http://www.noellegraycreative.com.

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