My Baby Shower | 3.3.12

Words can not even come close to describing what I am feeling right now. I’m literally floating on cloud 10. My baby shower was perhaps one of the best days of my life.

First off….the support that I was shown on Saturday was overwhelming. I had a total of around 45 guests and two of which drove all the way from North Carolina, just to be there for my special day! Talk about feeling loved! I am surrounded by some of the best people!

My team (meaning my family and I) put so much into planning and executing this special day. We spent months gathering the details and getting things done little by little. A lot of times, I have a vision of what I want, but actually putting that plan into motion is the hard part. I was really proud of the work that my team had done because my dream shower was reached. It felt good to know that all of our hard work these past couple of months had paid off.

The day went by rather quickly, but it was so much fun. People from all different stages of my life had attended. People who had known me since I was little girl, high school friends, college friends, and even friends I’d made in the last few months. No matter what my relationship was with them…there was still one thing in common. They all loved me and were there to celebrate the life of the twins. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

The theme for my baby shower was vintage newsprint. I have a thing for vintage items and the idea seemed so elegant. We wanted people to arrive at the shower and feel like there were in another era. I’m a sucker for details when it comes to my photography, so everything had to be perfect and of course detail oriented. I think the details are what made the day so special and unique.

I could ramble on and on about the day, but it would just be better if I let you guys see it for yourself. Here are the pictures that I took of my special day! 🙂

The baby shower invitation – one of my favorite details

The wreath that my Aunt made to match the shower theme (vintage newspaper and burlap)

Welcome letter, name tags, and caramel candy that greeted the guests as they came in

We even collected newspapers from around the country and around the world!

A close up of the name tags and advice column cards. The ladies gave some very good parenting advice!!

The welcome letter and the typewriter keys. I loved that the typewriter was still dusty and the most vintage item at the shower!

How cute are the miniature clothes pins?

Take home goodies for the guests (gourmet popcorn in bags that said “Ready to Pop” since I’m about ready to pop) 😉

Centerpieces for the tables (Hydrangea’s in mason jars)

Burlap table runner (I was obsessed with burlap as you can see)

The seating area for my guests

I was so pleased with all of the decor. All the pieces were handmade by my mom. Isn’t she talented?

The menu

More decor that was handmade by my mom

Sweet tea or lemonade anyone?

I think one of the things that the guests told me they loved was the mason jar beverages

I loved my gray straws!! So cute!

The sweet table was what I was in charge of! I was so excited that it turned out so pretty.

The cake, cupcakes and strawberry thumbprint cookies were catered by A Sweet Addiction. All 3 tasted amazing!

I opted for the Caramel Cupcakes: Moist Butter Yellow Cake, Caramel Filling and Caramel Frosting, Caramel Drizzle

and the Red Velvet: Moist red cake, with cream cheese frosting.

My favorite: Strawberry thumbprint cookies

And the cake: white almond cake with layers of strawberry and Swiss Meringue Buttercream filling. All I can say is YUMMY!

Red velvet, coconut, and chocolate macaroons, cinnamon rolls, donuts and carrot cake cake pops (made by my mom).

One of my gifts was this amazing diaper cake made by my friend Milona who owns Couture Event Planning! I may be a little biased, but I think it’s the best diaper cake she has made yet. I refuse to tear it apart so it will remain as decoration in the twins nursery. =)

And the gift table. Can you see whyI felt so blessed and loved?

My wonderful guests!!

Me cutting my cake =)

And last but not least, opening gifts!

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our little family. It feels great to have such a support system behind me and to have people in my life that are just as excited about the twins as I am. You helped to contribute in making my day so special and I will never forget it!

I love you all!!


(Photography was all taken by me 🙂 You can also view my work on my website: Lemon Chic Photography)


About reneehicks

child of god, mom to twins & iPhone junkie who is obsessed with bad television, good food, sports & talking smack while engaging in all three! -- Life Is Great!


  1. redd

    LOVE….LOVE…LOVE!!!! The best baby shower I have ever seen!!!

  2. Melba

    Thank you for sharing!! I loved the vintage shower!!

  3. Renee, your shower was absolutely beautiful!

  4. Ruby

    Loved the theme! I knew it was going to be awesome! I agree with Redd, pretty sure its the best I’ve ever seen, and yeah that diaper cake was banging! lol

  5. Your comment just made me smile! Thanks so much! It feels good to see that all of our hard work paid off! And I will not be messing up that diaper cake for anything! lol

  6. Kisha H.

    Sis…It turned out great!! And I’m glad you enjoyed it!! I’m sorry we all couldn’t be there; but was sending our love in spirit. Can’t pick I fav…I loved it all!

  7. Alexis Stovall

    Beautiful Shower…. Loved the decorations!!!

  8. Thanks so much Lexi! xo

  9. Kevin James

    Hey cuz, this is awesome you guys did a great job.

    Wish I would have been able to make it.

    Cant wait to meet my new family members

  10. Wow! The baby shower looks amazing! The decorations are really fantastic, what a great job you did! Thanks for sharing!

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