Sneak Peek: The Nursery

We’ve been working hard over here at Casa de Hicks to prepare for the babies. We have exactly 6 weeks and 3 days until the little nuggets will be here.

The room has been painted and fully furnished for quite some time now. The last thing that was need to complete the room, was the wall art! I was having the hardest time deciding how to decorate the walls while keeping it gender neutral at the same time.

After spending 4 hours in Ikea this past Saturday, I think I finally found a solution. The room is not completely finished (and won’t be until the babies have arrived and I have put their newborn pics in the frames on the walls) but I wanted to share a sneak peek of what the room has become over the past few days.

Special thanks to my grandparents and my mom who spent most of the day putting the decor on the walls and helping us get things done with our busy work schedules. We love you guys and can’t thank you enough!

Hope you all are having a great week!

How do you like the room so far?



Here is an unedited photo of the nursery so you can get a true feel of the what room truly looks like. The previous two were edited in an app on my iPhone 😀



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child of god, mom to twins & iPhone junkie who is obsessed with bad television, good food, sports & talking smack while engaging in all three! -- Life Is Great!


  1. Cute room! Love how its not a typical baby room.

  2. Sonia Orr

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. Robert

    Very tastefully done, my great-grandchildren will be very comfortable!!!

  4. Love the nursery! Especially the crib!

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