Life Changing

Life can change in the matter of seconds. I was so shook up by an accident that I saw this morning. I called my husband crying and asked him to just pray. A part of me was crying because I was so thankful to be safe and alive and the other part of me was crying because I knew the person involved in that car accident probably didn’t walk away alive.

Here is what I captured of the accident this morning:

Hard to see from this photo, but in the center of all of that is a totaled car. There is no way that person survived! Thanking God double time this morning for keeping me and my family safe today and every other day :(

You can’t see much of what is going on here, but the scene had traffic backed up for miles. I’ve never in my life seen anything like it.

My message to you today, is to first and foremost…be careful out there. The text messages, phones calls, and social networking is not worth your life. Secondly….(if you are religious) PRAY and say thank you. Believe me when I say he didn’t have to spare us. We’re still here which means that God has a greater purpose for us in life.

(Photo courtesy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Being 30 mins late to work really didn’t seem so bad when I’m able to make it there alive. My thoughts and prayers go out to those that were involved in this tragic accident this morning.

I’ll be sending up extra prayers for us all tonight!

To read more on this accident, click here.


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