Friday Favorites: Elves and Nurseries

Favorite Friday: 12-16-11

I’ve decided that now and then I will post some of my favorite things of the week, which will mostly come from Pinterest….my inspiration. With the babies coming, I’ve been inspired to take on some DIY (Do It Yourself) projects for their nursery (which btw is being painted TODAY)!!! The items posted above are things that I was inspired by this week and hope to get my hands on very soon.

1. DIY Photo Frame – Thanks to Ashley Ann Photography, I found this DIY project that will be perfect for the twins room. As a photographer, I plan to take a ton of pictures of the kiddos and what better way to display them then in their room? I can’t wait to get started!!

2. Newspaper Gift Wrap – What a cute and economical way to wrap gifts! When I found this DIY project on Allora Handmade I was so excited! It will save me money on wrapping paper AND be cuter than I imagined. I hope to complete this DIY project tomorrow and I will be sure to post pictures!

3. Baby Mobile – This is more of an inspiration than a tutorial. This is actually sold by French Blossom. It’s a website that celebrates french fashion for children. Not sure how this will turn out, but I’m going to try it anyways because I want the twins room to have some personalized items from the two of us. It’s like putting an extra touch of love in their rooms.

4. Elf on the Shelf – if you haven’t heard of this new phenomenon…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Elf on the Shelf is all the craze with kids and moms these days. I first saw this Elf on the Shelf at a Christmas party last year and was really impressed with the concept. We will definitely be participating in this new fad once our little ones are old enough to understand what it’s all about. So many moms have come up with great elf “staging” ideas. Check out the ones I found on the I Heart Faces blog this week!

I hope that you enjoyed some of my favorites from this week! What new things have you discovered?

Happy Friday Everyone!!!



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